IKT Miami Congress

IKT is the International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art. It is a members organisation that brings together curators from across the world, to meet, share knowledge, exchange ideas and broaden their professional networks. IKT represents the professional interests of contemporary curators worldwide.

SQUATTER PopUp Curation

SQUATTER is a 1973 Shasta Compact trailer that has been repurposed and creatively transformed into a fully interactive pop-up mobile Art Gallery. SQUATTER serves as a mobile platform for contemporary artists to showcase their work in unexpected practices.


Alissa Alfonso
Textile/Soft Sculpture

Nature’s Medicine

Working with nontraditional media inside a repurposed camper, the artist creates a natural environment that warns of a future in which we can no longer heal itself or provide humans with the same emotional release and spiritual communion that it has for millennia.  Imagining a landscape that may not exist in just a few short lifetimes, the fabricated plants made of hand dyed upcycled textiles all medicinal and used in nontraditional medicine practices.

Sunday in the Park, Hollywood FL

28 Curated Artisans creating art in the park extending art outside into the community.

Temple of JOY Miami, FL

Temple of JOY is a rolling art installation within Squatter Mobile Art Gallery. The Temple is filled with objects which invoke happiness within, collected from friends and family and created by Heather Rosner/ Joy Gallery SF. You’re welcome to come inside! Please sit for a moment and feel the beauty. 

Artist Jen Clay SuperFine Fair Miami, FL

Jen Clay transformed the intimate interior to a pitch-black furry skin with video works poking through the black texture creating oval shaped viewing discs. Clay episodic video series alludes to possibilities of dysfunction and trauma through the imaginary depiction of broken systems that lie behind smilingly healthy places and people. In her video series the inner parts of the buildings, people and characters are exposed as way to depict how the past environments have constructed their current selves. 

30 minute video work installed in a micro theatre drenched in black velvet and black puff paint. This video combines performative sculpture, multiples types of animation and capture footage to create a first person view of a dissociative episode.