I dream of puffy clouds, idyllic landscapes, and kaleidoscope skies super-enhanced with phytotherapy. I have always embraced a deep connection with the natural world through my art. That connection is rooted deep in my subconscious where my imagination refabricates nature into my artful practice. My creations are a complex mix of emotions, memories and passions that preserve the natural world the way I enjoy seeing it. They highlight the beauty we can find in nature, without downplaying the devastation that we have and are causing.

I believe, as a society, we have lost touch with the environment and the people around us. Our lives are dominated by social media and technology, going from one notification to the next. Instead of experiencing the natural world, we live our lives through our phones. My art provides the opportunity to escape from this unsustainable cycle, to recognize and reflect on the beauties of the natural world as well as the chain of destruction we have set in motion.

“Nature’s Medicine” soft sculpture collection is delicately detailed, hand-dyed, textile waste modeled after traditional medicinal plants, fungi and botanicals. The fused plastic “clouds” and “jellyfish” that hang from wire or float across pools in my installation works convey both elegance and melancholy. The installations represent the silent beauty of clouds and sea animals as a connection between the overuse of plastics and declining life in the world’s oceans.

My passion of non-traditional arts has led me to develop an entirely "green" art program called “Off the Canvas” in Broward County schools.

I am currently working on soft-sculpting parts for a functional lighting series consistent with healing plants as well as several large, super stuffed wall collages. The textiles works are a twist on traditional relief art. The hand-dyed textile waste is manipulated to create lucid puffy dreams and fading environments that cannot heal themselves.