In order to demonstrate how art can be used to raise awareness of critical issues facing our community, I create various works of art using recycled and upcycled materials. My inspiration springs from seeing the alarming number of plastics and other materials we use in everyday life that are not readily recyclable or reusable. Our reliance on plastics is creating an enormous amount of trash that typically ends up in a landfill or as pollution contaminating our precious resources such as our beaches and waterways. I focus my creative energy to raising awareness of the importance of upcycling and recycling in innovative ways to help create a sustainable community that protects and preserves the environment. I feel that it is important to challenge assumptions by creating art which simultaneously inspires and saves our environment. By carefully considering how to use upcycled fabrics, sustainable media, fused plastic bags, hand dyed textiles and other innovative techniques in my practice, I can create unique pieces of art revealing the beauty of creating using repurposed materials.